Some opaque bags without custom print

admin / 2018-08-23

Clear unprinted bags are quite popular for new launch product, you can just print lables and adhere to the pouches. it is very lower costs packaging.

However, some customer may prefer opaque pouch (not clear to human eyes) as of some actual considerations

  • Enhance barrier property (Longer shelf life for products)

  • Sunlight shielding for the products

  • Better standup effect

  • Quality visual effects

  • Other considerations

Here, we are going to share with you some common opaque bags we carry, and hope it is of help for you.

1) Unprited aluminum foil pouch

Aluminum foil is considered as the best barrier performance amount all flexible substrate materials, like plastic film and paper. it is widely used for products that will need good protection against outside factors, like juice, coffee, tea, milk powder, milk, etc.

2) Unprinted kraft Paper Bag

Kraft paper is able to present several advantages that other plastic substrate materials can not provide

  • Eco-friendly (Easy to degrade and recycle)

  • Quality visual effect

  • Quality hand feeling

  • Good toughness and rigidity

So, kraft paper bags are widely used for packaging dry nuts, coffee, snacks, food products, gift etc. Our company is quite good at kraft paper bags, you can browse our store for more.

3) Unprinted Metallized Film Pouch

Metallized Film Pouch is to use metallized film as barrier layer in the pouch, with several advantages as below

  1. Sunlight shielding

  2. Good barrier against moisture, air

  3. Shiny metallic

  4. Lower costs

Compared to aluminum foil pouch, metallized film pouch is of much lower price and able to provide the required barrier property that can meet most requirements for the products, like coffee, tea.

4) Matt Black Print Standup Pouch

Upon our experience, black print is a very effective way to improve the visual effect for the package, especially matte black. Nearly all of the black coffee bags are realized in matte finish.

That's why some customers may do not need customer print with their artwork, however they do insist black print for their package, and then they can go on with labeling.

Of course, if you want, other colors can be printed on the bag, like matte white, green, red, blue, that is upon your requirements.

However, the largest drawback for the opaque bags is, the consumers are not able to see the products inside. So, clear window are further customized on some pouches.

A clear window is very important for some products, like dry nuts and snacks. Upon the statics from one of our dry nuts customer in Malaysia, our ultra clear window helps improve sale by 20%.

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