How to evaluate the quality of matte finish zipperlock bag

admin / 2018-08-24

Standup zipperlock bags are widely used for many products, like snacks, nuts, food products, sugars, coffee, tea, pet foods etc. And now adays, package are more and more important for the sale and branding of a products, so many customers would like us to assist them with quality packaging.

Matte Finish is usually used to achieve better quality visual effect and hand feeling, as you can the the below standup pouch with matte white finish, it is very pure and highly welcomed by our Malaysia customer.

In our eyes, package is much alike a work of art. It is carefully designed, printed and produced upon many details, so just one detail goes bad, then the whole package will not be so beautiful.

So, in this article, we will just share with you some main points we take to evaluate a matte finish zipperlock bag, and hope it is helpful for you to realize your fantastic package.

1) Good Standing Effect

Some soft materials will not be able to present stiff and tough for the bag, like BOPP/PE structure, it can never be able to present good standing pouch.

For this matte white pouch, we use PET/YYVMPET/PE, that is quite still and rigid for final bag.

2) Quality Print

You can easily imagine the effect if your artwork is printed in blurs, doctor blade lines, smudges, that will surely be a nightmare for your branding.

We apply in-line print inspection system to remove more than 98% print defects, that will ensure quality print services for our customers.

3) Pure Matte Finish

You can see the photo for the pure matte white finish.

As to matte finish, there may be some small stratch lines on the bag surface, we try our best to remove the scratch lines. and you can watch the video for the matte coffee bags we produce for our customer.

4) Clear Window

Upon the statics from our customer, a clear window will improve sale of their nuts products by 20%, so they needs the window to be as clear as possible.

When you look closer on the window, you may find it ultra clear, and nearly without scratch lines on the outside surface. For many bag producers, when the bags pass through the rollers on bag-making machines, there will be some scratch lines, not good for product branding.

5) Airtight Zipperlock

For snacks, nuts or pet treats products, the bag may be resealable for many times, and also the zipperlock will have to be airtight, to prolong the quality period.

We can perform tests, with zipperlock open and closed for 6-8 times, and see if it is still airtight.

Watch the video

6) Good Barrier Property

Nuts and snacks will have to be well protected against sunlight, moisture, so, this pouch adapt a layer of metallized film, that will provide enough barrier property for most products. For nuts and snacks, this pouch will be able to provide 6-12 months shelf life.

Have a further view on this matte finish zipperlock Standup pouch.